Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Best Time!

Grandpa and Noah built the highest tower.

We all ate the best cupcakes, made specially by one of the Roses.

We drank the best coffee, made by Ray and Handsome.

I got to hog the little girl and foo foo her up.

Ray said, "Sister - present" Too cute and yes, little one you are a gift to us.

And I got to watch one of my babies interact with her babies.

The movie of the week was "Chicken Little"...he has glasses too. Still haven't figured out the story line, but Ray told me several times it was sad.
Grandpa got to see Ray at swimming. He loves the water, even if it is cold.
He did not want us to leave...It is hard...we left while he was napping. The next morning he cried cause he wanted Grandma to get him up. I wanted Grandma to get him up too. We will come back and play more! We love you all!


  1. It was fun. Noah loves grandma and grandpa, and of course, Aunt Jaime too (he "calls" her every day and asks to speak to ror-rose, and then he "calls" grandmap/grandpa).