Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heart Strings

Oh Grandma, we forgot to pray for lunch...

Dear Jesus, I love you so much...thanks for the lunch. Amen

It was a tiring day today...Baba HooHoo hasn't been sleeping well...I was already tired at 9:30am, then Luke Skywalker went missing. My oldest GD felt bad for me I was looking in all the wrong places for him. She told me to stop looking, he would show up and then we could play. Then somebody had a sharing problem and had to have a time out. Mr. Contentment wasn't so content today and he actually cried several times today, although he managed to wear the same sleeper all day without blowing out his diaper.

The two boys were napping. It was nearing the time when papa comes home. My oldest granddaughter and I were in the midst of some good pretend baby doll play. I had found some dolly baby outfits with hats on clearance. "Thanks Grandma. You're the best!" Yes, she really said that. The lids (that's hat if you keep up with the lingo...impressed aren't you?) didn't fit the baby doll. I told her people have different sized heads too. She said if Mama got another baby, maybe the baby could wear it if she had a small head. I asked if Mama wanted another baby. She said she had asked her, and Mama said no.

Then we heard the garage door go up. Generally papa is very well greeted. Today however, her little shoulders went down. "Oh no Papa is home. Grandma, I was hoping we could play longer. Just a little longer Grandma, please. Just sive (5) minutes." How do you resist, so I told her when the big hand was straight down that I would have to go. She peeked at the clock and said, "That's not very long". I told her sive minutes is not a very long time...but we would play hard. She gave me big hugs and kisses when it was time to go and she did not fuss when I did leave.

Even if I am mostly dead, I would not miss the time with any of the grandkids. My heart is continually moved by all that they do and say.


  1. Grandma's are the best and it sounds like your grandbabies would heartily agree with me. Hope you sleep well. If you can't sleep....give me a call;0)...I can't sleep either....or take 2 Tylenol PM!

  2. I'm sorry you're tired baba hoo hoo, but I know they wouldn't miss their time with you for anything either!

  3. Those kids are the bestest. They are also blessed with 2 sets of the greatest Grandparents children can have. Thanks for all you and Jim do.--Bill

  4. Wow, Grandma has sure been busy blogging while I've been home with a sick Juliana! I'm sorry you're tired Mom, I'm tired too, we can be tired together this weekend :-)