Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing hard

He was playing hard.
Good guys,
bad guys, star wars guys,
All of a sudden
I hear him singing:
"That Jesus Christ is born!"
So adorable.
We had our weekly Baba HooHoo time out...
but even if I want to let him get away with EVERYTHING...
I can't and so...
He tries hard to do the right thing, but just like in the Bible, we know what we should do and yet....

I love you my Wild, Blonde have my heart strings, sorever!


  1. He looks at you and smiles with that dimple...and you know you're in trouble. His poor teachers in school

  2. He is making life so much fun though, isn't he (ok....minus the stress of disciplining)? He is a cutie.

  3. He gives you that who me look? Did I do something wrong? Then says sorry papa, I can be so hard to disciplining him.--Bill

  4. gotta love Liam :-) Jenna