Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes, we had a SUNNY weekend

We got to visit these two bright and shiny pennies. The littlest Rose is still not fact she lost 1/4 of a pound which is the equivalent to a stick of butter. That's a lot when you're teeny tiny. So we went to visit. I had to see her and hold her. And Ray of course! The weather outside was dreary, but the babies were a joy.

Wenna Woo and I went to a Faithbooking class on Saturday. I met a nice group of women and we shared and cried a bit. I haven't been in a women's group in ever so was a real nice time for both of us.
We went to Red Robin for lunch. I was going to have a salad, but ended up blurting out cheese burger and fries. Mama shared her freckled lemonade with me...I shall have to learn to make the lo cal version of that. It was yummy. We brought home only one balloon and Little Missy took to it like a duck to water. Ray wanted it too...but Mama figured things out.

Here she is eating Hawaiian to see it dripping off her chinny chin chin. The therapist says it is good to be messy. I'll have to tell my Mom. Who knew?

I think she is really styling this dew rag and she is not afraid of water in her face...I would have been crying and howling for sure!

Frampa and Ray made some great cossee and Ray had a marshmeddow in his courtesy of the middle Rose!
We got Ray a Thomas shirt and he even took off his pajamas to wear it. This week Chuddington was the show to watch...I wasn't able to follow any of it, but the trains looked too cute.

Our Ray didn't want us to go, but Daddy distracted and he waved sweetly from the door as we headed our way back to the gray north:(
We will miss you so, my lovies.


  1. Juliana is beautiful with her do-rag! and Noah is soooo sweet and cute. I miss them.

  2. What a fun weekend ya'll nice that you could spend it together.

  3. We had a nice weekend too. I enjoyed Red Robin :-)