Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have you ever seen

such delicateness?

such hair?

After work Monday, I got to go to my Wenna Woo's house and visit the grandkids. We had a wonderful time, Ray of Sunshine warmed up right away and so did Snow White.

We played trains and made tracks. We played Polar Express downstairs, we even had carribou on the track. Ray had a lantern and hat and yelled "All aboard" and we had the Best pretend hot chocolate.
I also got to play a Cars Wii game...I got to do the joystick and Ray did the speed...needless to say most of my journey was through cactus, the side of the road, hitting Doc and Phil and being anywhere but on the road!

I had spent one night and was debating about another...Ray looked at me with those eyes...(those eyelashes!) and said "Don't go home Grandma, don't go home." He then hugged me hard and rested his head on my shoulder. Needless to say that decision was settled very quickly. I mean really, how do you say no to this?

or this?

or this?


  1. You're back!:O) Noah's bus hair is too kind of looks like mine (but, mine doesn't get accused of being cute). Juliana is a real live doll...she is precious....I LOVE her cute little outfit. Glad you were able to get in some Grandma time. Must be something about that CARS Wii kids spend most of their time off roading too.

  2. Thanks for coming, Mom. We all enjoyed it and are looking forward to this weekend.

  3. They are too cute! I couldn't say no either