Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Fluff

Can you hear the Snoopies singing...

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my dear you're so delightful...and since we've no place to go....

Mrs. Goose's hair is to the side and she has a shawl on.

So, my delightful dear...since we've no place to go...

How about some you know, HOT HOT HOT CHOCOLATE!

I love hot cocoa made from scratch...those bags of quickie cocoa just do not do it for me...

And guess what Handsome's favorite is?

Marshmellow Fluff...I think he just asks for hot cocoa to get the fluff...

What do you think?

I think its his Precious!

And speaking of precious...here are the three roses. Please pray for the smallest...she has bronchitis.

And so dear Jesus, we are off to another year...help me to appreciate the good and the bad.

Love, Baba HooHoo

PS Our largest and most content baby is 3 months old today! Where did the time go?

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  1. Can I have some hot chocolate? Praying for Juliana!